What are we all about?

We offer a transformational vacation, intentional joy, and playfulness.

Boscana, an experience that proposes an immersion in the tropics through personal experiences that enhance the re-discovery of nature, the mysticism of fire, earth, air, water. An encounter with the tropical jungle, its magic, its charm, its mystery and with yourself. We offer a transformative, fun, magical and healing experience. Specially designed by a guiding team of the highest level of Costa Ricans.

We invite an audience willing to reconnect, discover, dream, play, fall in love and also explore nature in a renewed way, in wonderful locations in the Costa Rican paradise and all transit through the wonderful elements that come together to create life, these elements are our common thread so that the experience is really an unforgettable adventure, full of color, flavor, peace, play, tranquility, mystery, friendship, contemplation, birds, waves, fish, sounds and all the gifts of nature combined so that the experience is amazing.

Boscana Magic


Our main muse, the heart of Costa Rica and what gives meaning to Boscana. It’s the main element that we want to share, to wrap ourselves in it to understand it, love it and respect it.


Challenge yourself, acquire a goal and venture to achieve it. While overcoming our own limitations and leaving our comfort zone to take us to new places and experiences through fun in nature.


Bonding, unity and congregation. Create strong ties with all that surrounds you and re-establish channels of connection with nature through consciousness.


Celebrate and give thanks, we like to have fun! Meet to laugh, enjoy, celebrate and be grateful for the present moment. Come together to honor and commemorate the pleasures of life and being alive.


Discover different forms of expression and manifestation through the self-knowledge of our body, creating a union between body-mind and spirit.


We celebrate the diversity of food, awareness of what truly nourishes us. Our culinary offerings are predominantly sourced from our own garden, ensuring organic, local and vegan/vegetarian choices that demonstrate our deep love for our bodies. We believe in absorbing the vibrant energy of the ingredients that enter our cuisine.