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Responsible Travel

Responsible travel revolves around making sustainable choices that protect nature, support local communities, and contribute to the conservation of the environment and cultural heritage. Central to this ethos is Boscana’s collaboration with entities like the 5 Minute Beach Cleanup founded by the former diplomat, Carolina Sevilla. Having previously served for the United Nations and as the Costa Rica consul in New York, Carolina transitioned into the world of sustainability by joining Bionic, a pioneering firm that recycles plastic into fabric yarn. Her endeavors, particularly the 5 Minute Beach Cleanup, have made remarkable global strides in battling oceanic plastic pollution, with over 35,000 cleanups initiated worldwide. 

This impactful initiative, backed by her powerful videos viewed by 20 million individuals, champions the idea of collective action towards a cleaner world. Collaborations with esteemed personalities like Paul Hawken, Gisele Bündchen, and Livia Firth, coupled with her significant contributions to round tables for The Clinton Foundation Global Initiative and participation in international panels, amplify her commitment to the cause. Sevilla’s sentiment, that sharing cleanup photos from the remotest corners of the planet can trigger a ripple effect of change, resonates deeply with Boscana’s mission. 

By booking a retreat with Boscana, you’re not just investing in a vacation, but an experience. An opportunity to actively participate in a beach cleanup near San Jose, guided by Carolina and her dedicated team. This immersive experience allows travelers to tangibly contribute to the cause, clearing beaches of plastic waste while bonding with other like-minded volunteers. With all essentials catered for, from equipment to refreshments, it’s an enriching experience that underscores the profound difference that responsible travel can make in our world.


5 Minute Beach Cleanup

The “5 Minute Beach Cleanup” is a grassroots environmental initiative aimed at reducing plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. The essence of the movement is beautifully simple: it encourages individuals to take just five minutes out of their beach visits to clean up any litter or plastic they find. By fostering a community-based approach to conservation, the project underscores the significant difference even a small time investment can make when carried out by many people. 

Founded by Carolina Sevilla, the initiative has gained significant traction over the years, inspiring countless individuals worldwide to partake in spontaneous beach cleanups. Through the power of social media, participants often share their efforts, magnifying the campaign’s impact by inspiring others to do the same. This viral nature of the movement, aided by photographs and testimonies of cleanups from various corners of the world, has expanded its reach, fostering a global community passionate about marine conservation. 

The success of the “5 Minute Beach Cleanup” isn’t just limited to individual efforts on beaches. It has since grown into a larger non-profit organization in Costa Rica, known as the “5 Minute Foundation.” The foundation has developed various programs to further the cause of reducing oceanic plastic pollution. Their impact has been so profound that some of these programs have even been adopted by prominent entities like the Clinton Foundation in New York. The strength of the “5 Minute Beach Cleanup” lies in its simplicity. It serves as a testament to how collective small actions, when accumulated, can lead to meaningful change in the world.