The Ultimate Eco-luxury Experience in Uvita

Along Costa Rica’s stunning Pacific coast sits Boscana’s Uvita Retreat, an eco-luxury resort nestled within 100 acres of private jungle. Offering a sublime retreat amid untamed tropical wilderness and beaches, Boscana’s Uvita Retreat promises the adventure of a lifetime.

Immerse in Unspoiled Nature

Boscana’s Uvita Retreat’s remote location ensures you feel a world away from daily hustle. The resort is cradled within a protected wildlife corridor, plunging guests into untouched environments.

Surrounding hand-crafted teak casitas is a wealth of lush greenery, elevated above the jungle’s heart. From your room’s private deck, catch glimpses of exotic birds navigating the treetops. The rhythmic sound of waves and distant howler monkey cries add to the ambiance. Experiencing such undisturbed nature is truly a unique privilege.

Mindfully Designed for Sustainability

With a firm commitment to sustainability.

Retreat was conceived in sync with nature. Architects utilized fallen trees to shape this open-air resort, accentuating the raw allure of the jungle. Every structure appears as a natural extension of the surroundings.

Harnessing solar energy, fostering organic gardens on-site, and driving conservation efforts, the resort nurtures the nearby ecosystems. Relish in luxury with a clear conscience, knowing your visit aids in preserving this Eden.

Holistic Wellness Offerings

Boscana’s Uvita Retreat focuses on holistic journeys towards self-realization. Yoga sessions bring you closer to your inner energy. Indulge in Ayurvedic spa treatments to harmonize your doshas. Engage with visiting shamans to delve into spiritual realms.

Tailor Your Eco-adventure

Whatever your Costa Rican dream entails, Boscana’s Uvita Retreat crafts bespoke escapades. Venture on private treks through lush forests to picture-perfect waterfalls. Glide on paddleboards across the serene Pacific, or gallop on horseback along the sandy shores. Bask in beachside massages accompanied by the gentle hum of waves.

Extend your explorations beyond the resort boundaries, from ziplining over dense jungles to experiencing the vibes of Dominical’s surf town. The concierge team meticulously plans your every whim, allowing a complete and immersive retreat.

An Oasis of Luxury

Despite its secluded setting, Boscana’s Uvita Retreat guarantees lavish comforts amid the wild. Savor locally-inspired dishes at the open-air eatery with panoramic ocean views. Recline by the pool on sumptuous loungers in between adventures. End your day in your elegantly decked-out casita featuring a bed that defines comfort.

Step away from digital distractions and reestablish your connection with the inner self, with every luxury facilitating your journey to ‘pura vida’. Experience jungle living with no compromises.

Begin Your Transformation

In search of profound insight and a sense of belonging on your next escape? Let the untamed allure of Boscana’s Uvita Retreat stir your senses and spirit. With its purposeful architecture and carefully chosen experiences, the resort stands as a haven for self-reflection. The memories you create here will remain etched in your heart, long after your farewell.