Immersing oneself in nature is a transformational experience. Costa Rica, renowned for its rich ecotourism experiences, offers the perfect setting to discover peace in nature. With 30% of its territory protected by national parks, preserves, and wildlife refuges, it offers a myriad of trails beckoning you to explore its geographical wonders, from majestic mountains and dense rainforests to pristine beaches.

Arenal Volcano Park: Nature Connection Adventure

One of the most iconic landmarks in Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano. Situated within a vast national park of 7,114 acres, it promises unparalleled vistas. Here, you can embark on a nature connection adventure, choosing from a variety of trails. Whether you wish to tread over ancient lava flows or delve deeper into the jungle to witness its diverse wildlife and hidden waterfalls, the choices are boundless. As you plan this adventure, remember the hiking hours are between 8 am and 3 pm.

Carara Biological Reserve: Ecological Adventures in the Tropics

Beyond its scenic mountains, Costa Rica is a sanctuary for wildlife. For those eager to experience tranquility in the tropics, the Carara Biological Reserve, located just west of San Jose on the Central Pacific Coast, is a haven. Traversing through diverse ecosystems such as mangroves and rainforests, this reserve is renowned for housing one of the last wild scarlet macaw populations. And as you wander, don’t forget to look up; monkeys and sloths might just be lounging above you. The trail is also inclusive, catering to beginners and those with disabilities, thanks to its nearly flat terrain and paved first loop.

La Fortuna Waterfall: Discovering Peace in Nature

Seeking a serene and picturesque spot? The La Fortuna Waterfall is your answer. As you step into the park and stroll past a charming eatery, the lookout point offers a mesmerizing view of the waterfall, set against the backdrop of the lush jungle. Although a short hike of fifteen to thirty minutes, the sight of water cascading 200 feet into a turquoise pool, enveloped by the jungle, feels like stepping into an enchanted world. And while the waterfall itself is off-limits for swimming, a designated area downstream awaits you. So, don’t forget your swimwear!

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