Casa Grande


Casa Grande: With Boscana’s Casa Grande Lodge Rooms, you’re not just choosing a place to rest; you’re immersing yourself in a world where nature’s splendor and tranquility converge. Come, experience the magic of Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest and let your soul be rejuvenated.

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Dawn in Boscana’s Casa Grande Lodge Rooms is a sight to behold. As you stir from a restful slumber, you’re greeted by the awe-inspiring expanse of the ocean, painting a canvas of myriad blues that seamlessly blend with the horizon. Complementing this visual symphony is the tranquil soundscape of the jungle, with nature serenading you into a state of utter relaxation.

Our five-bedroom home has two living spaces, two shared bathrooms, and an ocean-view dining area.

Casa Grande Rooms sleep up to 3 guests and feature all-natural construction, ocean views, shared bathrooms & showers, overhead fan, in-room refrigerator, one queen bed, and one twin bed.


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