Terms & Conditions for Boscana

1. General Information:

1.1 This website is operated by “Boscana”, located in San José, Costa Rica. The main objective of our platform is to sell retreats that promote a unique experience of immersion in the Costa Rican tropics.

2. User Obligations:

2.1 Users visiting our site are expected to seek information and possibly make a purchase.

2.2 The minimum age requirement for users to make a purchase is 18 years.

2.3 Misuse of the website, including but not limited to stealing content, will result in appropriate action against the offending users.

3. Content:

3.1 All content displayed on this website, including text, images, and videos, are the property of Boscana.

3.2 We do not permit users to post or submit their own content on our platform.

4. Transactions & Payments:

4.1 We accept payments via Stripe.

4.2 We have refund or return policies in place..

4.3 All disputes related to transactions will be addressed via email. We aim to resolve issues amicably and efficiently.

5. Account Management:

5.1 Users have the option to create accounts on our platform.

5.2 Any misuse, theft, or violation of these terms will result in account termination or suspension.

5.3 For account security and password resets, we rely on WordPress functionalities and the user’s email.

6. Disclaimers & Limitations:

6.1 Boscana provides warranties customary to the products and services offered.

6.2 Boscana aims to limit its liability related to the content or services provided to the maximum extent permitted under Costa Rican law.

7. Termination of Service:

7.1 Services can be terminated for users based on theft, misuse, or unauthorized appropriation.

7.2 Upon termination, all user data will be erased from our platform.

8. Governing Law:

8.1 Any disputes arising out of or related to the use of our services will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Costa Rica.